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Video: “Don’t Give Me Your Love” – Rush Midnight

“Don’t Give Me Your Love” is a super dope song by Twin Shadow’s Bass Guitarist, Russ Manning (aka Rush Midnight), that I came across about 3 or 4 months ago. Loved it when I first heard it, (posted about it previously), but the song had no video and at the time, and I was under the impression that “Don’t Give Me Your Love” was Rush Midnight‘s only song. …So I didn’t do any digging into his past works.

Randomly today I decided to revisit that search and came across A LOT more of his stuff, including the actual video for “Don’t Give Me Your Love” which he released almost a month ago. …It’s perfection too! SUPER COOL video! The whole vibe is dope and it just truly sets the song off even more. Rush+Midnisqght+_2Has the same vibe as the song, which I tried to describe earlier as a cool futuristic 80’s sound with a hint of R&B, but honestly I still wouldn’t know how to properly describe it other than just calling it good a** music.

Anyways, posted the new video for “Don’t Give Me Your Love” below. Definitely a good find! Enjoy…

by Jenewby

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BONUS: The conclusion of my Rush Midnight digging is that he actually makes some overall pretty decent music. Especially the stuff he released on his [+1] EP. Makes sure you check that out as well. Posted some of the highlights/videos from the EP below. Enjoy…

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