UPDATE: More dates added below (the tour was originally meant to end on the 7th of December).


You can check out more information (including specifics of location) when you purchase your tickets here. Dates are below.

Oct 25. Champaign, IL
Oct 26. Pittsburgh, PA
Oct 27. Washington, DC
0ct 29-30. New York, NY
Nov 01. Philadelphia, PA
Nov 02. Middlebury, VT
Nov 03. Montreal, QB
Nov 04. Toronto, ON
Nov 06. Syracuse, NY
Nov 07. Buffalo, NY
Nov 08. Oxford, OH
Nov 09. Chicago, IL
Nov 10. Lawrence, KS
Nov 12. Boulder, CO
Nov 14. Tucson, AZ
Nov 15. San Diego, CA
Nov 16-17. Los Angeles, CA
Nov 19. Tempe, AZ
Nov 20. Albuquerque, NM
Nov 22. Dallas, TX
Nov 23. Houston, TX
Nov 25. Atlanta, GA
Nov 26. Nashvilla, TN
Nov 29. Chicago, IL
Nov 30. TBA
Dec O3. Oberlin, OH
Dec 04. Indianapolis, IN
Dec 05. Columbia, MO
Dec 07. Miami, FL

Dec 08: St. Louis, MO
Dec 09: Minneapolis, MN
Dec 10: Fargo, NC
Dec 12: Missoula, MT
Dec 14: Garden City, ID
Dec 15: Seattle, WA
Dec 16: Vancouver, BC
Dec 18: San Francisco, CA

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