From NY Daily News, where you can read more on the story:

NBA Commissioner David Stern believes “a flash of North Korean money” has blinded Dennis Rodman’s love of Kim Jong Un and slams that any future trips by him abroad should be conduced in “a far more dignified fashion.”

“Dennis will be Dennis,” the retiring commissioner said of Rodman’s now fourth visit overseas to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Tuesday. “But I think there’s a lot at stake here in terms of a country that has — a very dangerous country.”

Stern’s voice of disapproval comes just hours after the eccentric Hall of Famer delivered a furious public rant in defense of his ties to the controversial young leader.

“Dennis had a meltdown,” Stern said of the earlier CNN interview that saw Rodman having to be physically coaxed by a teammate while on camera.

Stern defended Rodman’s visit as having no involvement with the NBA while calling his current players “terrific” when it comes to checking in on their travel plans.

“We did not sanction this. This is not part of us. We wouldn’t do such a thing without collaborating with the U.S. State Department,” he said.

“This one I believe was a little bit blinded by a flash of North Korean money,” Stern said of the former Bulls’ forward.

He further warned that whatever money Rodman may have been given by the young leader to visit the impoverished country could be counterfeit with the country being “the leader in producing counterfeit money.”

“They need food. They’re the most malnourished country that we don’t do business with,” he stated.

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