DJ Torch and Fat Rodney came together to unite their side of DC for an amazing compilation (based on things like this.) Essentially every rapper or group to come out of Northeast DC in the last 5 years is represented on the first installment of the Norfeazt Of The Torch compilation. Everyone I can think of (and more) from Northeast is on here, from Fat Trel, the Slutty Boyz, to Baraq, Sweizy, Mike Brown Da Czar, Tokyo Daimo, Hard Workin’ Ent., Da Big Fella, Chugaloo, Lundy Dior, Monopoly KP, etc. And it isn’t just a compilation for continuity’s sake, this is all heat from these rappers. Check it out because it’s some of the best music out of DC right now. Oh and by the way, this version of “Northeast Shit” was produced by Rick Flare, the original unreleased version was done by ILL Wonka.

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