odom1Lamar Odom’s drug dealer told Radaronline, that he has smoked more than $50,000 worth of cocaine in the past three years – including one wild binge before an NBA game just six months ago .

From RadarOnline.com:
When asked if he’d ever eye-witnessed Odom smoking or freebasing cocaine, the man recounted one instance when he said the E! reality star was higher than a kite.
“Specifically, I want to say [it was] February of 2013,” he said. “He was in New York. For other reasons, I don’t really want to give the specific location of the place … sounds weird that I want to keep a level of discretion at this point, but, he was in New York. He comes to New York a lot.”
Shockingly, the dealer claimed that cocaine spree actually took place before the Clippers’ 14-point win over the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden on Feb. 10.
Odom played 22 minutes in the subsequent game, scoring two points and snaring seven rebounds and five assists.
“I know it for a fact because I sold him the stuff and saw him smoke it,” the man said. ”He spent about 16 grand.”
“In one sitting?” Radar probed.
“More or less, yeah,” the dealer responded. When quizzed what $16,000 would get Odom, the man flatly stated: “It gets you pretty f**ked up.”

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